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The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Edition, has been a huge success – with fans hoping to buy the pint-sized console finding stock in short supply.

The SNES Classic Mini has been out for almost two weeks, and stock is getting snapped up whenever its become available.

On launch day the SNES Classic Mini was only available in the UK online on the Argos, John Lewis and Asda Direct website.

Since then GAME is the only UK-based retailer that has been taking orders, with stock becoming available yesterday.

It sold out within half an hour.

The huge popularity of the SNES Classic Mini follows on from massive demand for its predecessor, the NES Classic Mini.

The original pint-sized console was discontinued earlier this year after suffering widespread stock shortages.

Following on from the huge demand for the NES and SNES Classic Minis, it looks like Nintendo are set to follow it with another retro revival.

The Japanese gaming giant have filed a patent for the design of their iconic 1989 handheld – the Game Boy.

The filing, reported by website Ninten-Switch, was discovered by Twitter account @trademark_bot and was filed back on September 15.

This was two weeks before the release of the SNES Classic Mini.

A similar trademark for the NES controller was also filed ahead of the reveal of the NES Classic Mini.

The filing has fuelled speculation that Nintendo could be lining up a Game Boy Classic Mini next.

It had previously been expected that Nintendo would release an N64 Classic Mini as a follow-up to the SNES Classic Mini.

So far Nintendo has been reviving one home console each year in chronological order of release.

And is they followed that trend next year, it would mean the home console that follow the SNES – the N64 – would receive the Mini treatment next.

However, there is a good reason why Nintendo may opt for a Game Boy Classic Mini ahead of a SNES Classic Mini.

Firstly, the N64 Classic Mini will surely cost more to produce than the SNES or NES.

This is due to the more…

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