Raid: World War II review

Raid: World War II is a disaster.

This one-to-four-player cooperative shooter wants desperately to be the video game version of Inglourious Basterds — an over-the-top, Nazi-killing orgy with its tongue planted firmly in cheek. But, once the opening cinematics are over, Raid both looks and plays like an unfinished Half-Life 2 mod with slightly higher resolution textures.

Raid: World War II was made by Lion Game Lion, a studio with experience making mission content for Payday 2. The gameplay is very similar to that popular shooter: Players choose from a list of missions to run, and by running these missions over and over, they level up their characters and unlock new weapons and outfits. It’s all fairly straightforward.

Once in a mission, the tension rises slowly at first. You’ll make a stealthy approach to the objective — a rail yard, a bunker or a vault full of stolen gold — which is usually followed by a brief firefight and perhaps another few minutes of running around flipping switches or finding items.

After that, all hell breaks loose.

Lion Game Lion/Starbreeze

Your team of four will gun down many hundreds of German troops on every map. These enemies will stream in, a platoon at a time, from off screen or around corners. They will drop from the sky comically on stiff little parachutes. They will drive themselves to battle in sad little trucks and, at times, they will leap from the bushes all around you.

These enemies show little, if any, intelligence. They line up — sometimes in convenient, single file lines — and rush forward to be executed. The biggest challenge in every mission is finding enough bullets to kill them all. The most dramatic moments are rushing out from behind cover to find unopened crates or scour the ground in no-man’s land, frantically hammering the action key to find ammunition.

Often, while I was scavenging like this, a pack…

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