Restrictor Plated – Forza Motorsport 7 – Xbox One

The first few hours of Forza are intoxicating as credits are stuffed into your hand, the upgrade possibilities are seemingly endless, and each race takes you one step closer to…something. Get settled in, however, and the fussy structure and changes from previous Forzas become irksome as they limit what you can do with the cars in your garage in favor of continually pushing you to purchase new ones. Which is a shame, because once again the on-track experience is great.

Forza 7’s Forza Driver’s Cup single-player campaign is organized into six championships that contain multiple divisions or racing series. The majority of these series contain a string of races, with each contributing to your overall place in the division. Finishing enough divisions unlocks the next championship (like Forza 6 it’s linear). Doing well each step of the way gets you credits and increases your driver level, which unlocks driving suits, credits, or cars. The game also layers on mods that can increase your credit output; a car-collection rating that opens up new cars to buy, and which also earns you credits; and prize crates you can purchase that contain a random assortment of driver gear, mods, icon badges for your drivatar – and possibly a car.

At first I was just happy to progress my driver level, win a few cars, and feel financially secure. But the more I progressed the more restricted I felt in what I could do with my cars. It’s not like the old days, where you have to grind and re-race a very limited number of races to continue. Instead, cars are restricted by the division they can race in, and each car can only race in one division. Upgrades can be bought, but the car itself can only be augmented within the division restrictions and not upgraded or raced in other classes. Thus, your ability to upgrade your car is limited unless you want to race it outside of your career in free play.

This makes cars disposable, since they are only eligible for their designated…

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