An Up And Down Debut – NBA 2K18 – Switch

Nintendo console owners who enjoy sports sims have rarely had the chance to scratch that itch on the company’s recent platforms. Outside of some first-party arcade sports games, options on the Wii and Wii U ranged between subpar to nonexistent. Prospects are looking up for the fledgling Switch judging by what Visual Concepts pulled off with NBA 2K18.

This version of the popular basketball title isn’t merely a shell of the PS4/Xbox One version. Nearly every feature that makes that game one of the best sports sims on the planet comes to the Switch port. Franchise fans who love to build up a dynasty can enjoy the MyLeague and MyGM modes, the latter of which features an interesting story approach. Prefer to focus on turning your created player into an NBA superstar? The MyCareer mode allows you to chase that dream via its improved player progression system, which lets you develop the skills and trait badges that best complement your play style. Card collectible fans can dig into the rich MyTeam mode that balances competition better thanks to a new Super Max mode that places a salary cap on your roster. The vast collection of classic teams and franchise All-Time teams gives you a rich pool of NBA clubs to choose from when playing online head-to-head matches. You can read more in depth about all these features in our PS4/Xbox One review. 

The same great gameplay that has won over basketball fans comes to the Switch version as well. The Pro Controller is the best option, but the standard Switch controls work adequately as well. Just don’t expect to get much mileage out of splitting up the Joy Cons for local play. Doing so robs you of many critical control features that make the game so enjoyable, including the right analog stick dribbling/shooting, icon passing, and play calling. 

One area the Switch version of NBA 2K18 takes a step backward from its sister versions is the online play. The same pay-to-win problems that plague the PS4/Xbox One…

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