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Ever since the introduction of jump pads in shooters, an FPS that offered greater freedom of flight was inevitable. Lawbreakers feels like one such result. There’s a moderate learning curve to maneuvering and surviving in-air and within the myriad anti-gravity spheres of the game’s arenas. When you do manage to adapt to sniping on the fly or boosting down a corridor with strategic purpose, the resulting outcomes can feel sublime even if you rarely receive the post-match MVP award.

Even with the possibility of vertical movement, FPS maps are wasted if there aren’t adequate weapons and abilities to play with. Lawbreakers addresses this challenge through an intelligible diversity in the armaments and specialities spread across its nine classes. There’s a reasonable assortment of advanced finesse fighters, beginner-friendly gateway classes, and well-rounded combatants who are useful in any map/mode combination. Even after about 100 matches, it was pleasing to see that no one class dominated, especially among high performing players, which is a credit to developer Boss Key’s thoughtfulness in honing these characters.

The lack of standardized weapon and movement types make each of these fighters all the more distinct. The Vanguard, for instance, offsets the immense potency of having a gatling gun by not having a secondary weapon. The lack of boosts or upward mobility makes the armored Titan seemingly useless when delivering the batteries in Overcharge, but this class is invaluable for guarding the battery when it’s charging at your base (the mode’s main goal). And learning how to optimize a role based on your team makeup, map, and mode is part of the fun, which is perpetuated by the welcome ability to change your classes mid-match.

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While Lawbreakers isn’t the type of shooter that awards skill-boosting gear as you level up, discovering additional gameplay depth after getting the hang of flying becomes its own reward. Like experienced Street Fighter…

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