A Passionless Prison For Great Gameplay – LawBreakers – PC

LawBreakers is a smart arena-shooter that hearkens back to the
early age of digital slaying, where mobility is essential, battles are decided
in split seconds, and skill determines who thrives and who dies. Despite
putting critical pieces together to deliver tight action and unique play styles,
LawBreakers lacks a sense of identity outside of the assortment of various
weapon and ability templates. The maps, modes, and characters just blend
together to form a lackluster wrapping to the adrenaline-laced kill counts.


Like many of the hero shooters in the FPS scene, each
LawBreakers character offers distinct skills to master. From zipping around with
a grappling chain and landing lethal blows with blades to spinning up your
chaingun for increased accuracy, each weapon feels unique and special. Unlike
other hero-based arena games, there’s no need to form a well-balanced group
with complementary skill. Everyone’s goal is dishing out damage, so you don’t
need to worry about having tanks, supports, or healing. Everything is designed
to kill. You can’t just mash buttons; aiming precisely and taking advantage of
your weapon skills is critical.


Mobility is equally important. The game introduces zero
gravity spaces in each arena where you can show off your skills, propelling
yourself forward and back to dodge fire and snag objectives. These sections of
each map make you think differently about how your abilities affect your movement,
and add an additional layer of precision and mobility skill required to play at
the higher levels. While zero gravity areas may not be the massive
game-identifying changer that makes LawBreakers stand out from other shooters,
they are an interesting and worthwhile addition to the classic arena-shooter


Each kit also contains a super ability that often has a
significant cooldown. These supers can turn the tide of battle, but don’t feel
tremendously overpowered. You still need careful…

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